Cute Images Carry the Day

What is it about cute cartoon images of animals and similarly drawn characters? It seems that we, as humans, are hardwired to love the cutesy critters on our screens. I suppose it all begins in infancy, when we are relentlessly exposed to pictures of bunny rabbits and mice with inordinately large eyes. Page after page of kids’ books are illustrated with a menagerie of winsome anthropomorphised creatures. Exaggerated human characteristics are emblazoned upon the faces of innocent animals from dawn to dusk in the imagined world of nursery rhymes and tales. Cute images: Carry the day, when it comes to kids’ books, cartoons and animations.

Cute Character a Sure-Fire Winner

It begs the question; can you take a cartoon seriously? The world’s large corporations know the power of a cute animal, just have a gander at their advertising. Optus is, seemingly, dedicated to presenting an array of nursery animals to promote their telecommunication services. I wonder at the rational link between telecommunications and cute furry animals, but all that preconditioning during childhood makes the cute character a sure-fire winner in any campaign. Meercats are in high demand for a bevy of advertisers. Puppies and kittens have an affinity with toilet tissue in the minds of many it seems. Cute images: Carry the day across many marketing campaigns..

The Bunny Stands Out

Animals are universally loved and their appearance in campaigns for their own social justice make some sense. The bunny stands out, with its soft fluffy haunches and floppy ears, as a beacon of cute demanding compassion. Luckily for the rabbit, Australians tired of eating it during the Great Depression and it is forever associated with poverty in the minds of older Aussies. Cute creatures like the furry mascots of football teams continue to play their role in our cultural life. Cute images carry the day in many walks of life, it seems.

We Still Believe in Fairy Tales & Miracles

Easter sees the bunny, apparently hiding eggs, but being a mammal rabbits do not procreate via the egg. This is another example of the irrational and mixed up world of religion, where facts don’t matter, it’s only what you believe in. It begs the question; do human beings ever really grow up? If we still believe in fairy tales and miracles in the 21C, how will we cope with the very real challenges ahead of us? Perhaps, a cute hamster or a magical rabbit will deal with climate change and a rapidly overpopulating world.


Animation: Simple or Sophisticated?

I used to read comics when I was a kid and I found them hugely enjoyable. Simple dialogue that was easily digestible and colourful graphics. I loved many of the classic titles like Archie, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff, Denis the Menace and more. I got into the Mad comics as I got a little older and finished up on The Furry Freak Brothers as a teenager cutting my teeth on my first bong. That was where comics finished for me, however, and cartoons had bit the bullet long before. The popular appearance of The Simpsons and its many imitations combined clever adult scripting with stylised animation, which appealed to young and old within a household. This sparked a renaissance in animation being presented on our small screens. Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

Cartoons & Comics

There used to be animated shorts on before the feature films at the cinema, and these were part of the movie experience for decades, before being axed in the 1970s. Animation was only for kids on our TV screens for many years after this. Adult comics were a niche market for decades prior to the digital age. The question is whether animation is fodder for those with simple tastes, those who shy away from complexity, or whether it has sophisticated elements within the medium? Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

Car Chases Capture the Attention of Younger Movie Goers

Children do not develop sophisticated taste buds until they approach the last years of adolescents. For younger kids, foods can be yukky or yummy, with little discernment for the reasons why. Quality gourmet food creators find little appreciation from most children. Similarly, younger audiences do not, generally, have the breadth of experience and understanding to appreciate the grey areas in life, when presented on the screen. Dramas about intimate relationships and complex situations, often, do not find favour with more youthful audiences. Action, loud explosions, colour, violence, car chases and the like capture the attention of these younger movie goers. Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

A Subversive Take on Western Society

Creating things like colourful animation can resonate well with youthful audiences and adults who appreciate mindless entertainment. South Park presents a subversive take on western society via its script and contrasts this with an uber naïve style of animation.  Reputation is everything in public life; and to mock the rich and famous via this wild animation ride is greatly appreciated by teenagers and other, secretly, rebellious forms of human life. There is a sophisticated element in this kind of animation, despite its loud love of fart jokes.


How to Use Animation for Web Design

Many of us have seen those old PowerPoint presentations at work or from school that include those horrible swooping effects of text which seem to come down and swoop around before landing, or perhaps the notoriously irritating bouncing text mechanism where text drops from the top of the screen to the bottom and seems to bounce like a pixelated little ball. Elements like these and many others are probably what just came to mind when you read ‘animation’ and this is what many people think of when they think of an animated presentation. However, depending on how it is done and the way in which it is designed and structured, adding animation to your website can be a way of drawing users into it to a greater degree and make something eye catching as well.

It’s important not to let previous bad experiences with animation keep you from using animation on your own website. There are a wide variety of animation techniques available through graphic design for websites. Finding the right graphic design for websites, specifically for the websites which you run and operate, is an important part of making an engaging presentation that customers and potential clients will want to see and which will help them relate better to the site.

With the right website designer, you can have animation which is subtle and does not necessarily draw attention to itself, or is done in such a way that it is tasteful and not offensive to behold. Animation should always be done as a way of helping a client engage with your website – it should never be done for the sake of simply showing an animation effect. This leads us to the biggest rule about animation for your website and that is the animation must have a purpose. Purposeless animations are irritating and divert attention away from the more serious meat of your website.

There is one other critically important rule about animation besides that it should not be annoying, should not divert attention away from important elements of your website, and that it must have a purpose – the last rule is it must be well designed. This might seem like a given but there are a wide variety of websites out there which prove that this one should not be taken for granted. The fact is many people may try to save a dollar here or there, or worse yet try and produce animation effects on their own that utterly fail to capture what they are intending and actually can come out looking dated, cheesy, or totally unbecoming of a professional level website.

If your animation looks like it was made cheaply or poorly, that will reflect negatively on you as a business. Your animation should ideally serve a marketing purpose so when an individual thinks about the animation or they see it they are instantly reminded of you and your product not of how much that animation annoys them. Don’t let the animation steal the show but rather let it be a member of the team that helps you sell your website and yourself to your clients for years to come.


Sexy Graphics Animate the Digital Realm

One way on how you can amplify your SEO strategy and ameliorate your site’s overall user experience is by adding great, high-quality graphics on your website. As a matter of fact, there exists a connection between organic ranking and image searches. Moreover, graphics help in brand recognition and in creating a professional looking web design.

Since humans are known to be visual creatures, what we see has a relative effect on the success of a certain brand. For instance, Apple’s website ultimately highlights its products. It can also be observed that there are no needless graphics on their site; just beautifully shot Apple products that are too appealing to be ignored. The same principle applies on every web design, even those commercial sex sites. In fact, using sexy graphics breathe a new life into the digital realm.

Sexy Graphics Animate the Digital Realm

Sexy graphics are commonly used in online ads that stimulate call-to-action (CTA) response from users. For instance, a company that promotes the best web cam girls needs images that will support their claims. Adult websites will only catch the eyes of Internet users if they employ sexy graphics and illustrations.

Yes, an image can paint a thousand words. However, high-quality images are worth thousands of dollars if used in the right manner. Online businesses, such as e-commerce stores, utilize sexy graphics in selling dull and unexciting items like bolts and nuts. No matter how great your web design is, if it is blended with mediocre images, it will look second-rate and tacky. But if you present your products in an inviting way or include sexy graphics on your webpage, it will enliven your website.

Sex and Marketing

It is without a doubt that sex is an effective marketing tool. Post-advertising statistics shows that there is an increase in customer response towards products with sexy graphics. Moreover, sexy images are proven to be compelling when it comes to attracting immediate interest and maintaining that engrossment.

Using sexy graphics will help in catching the attention of customers and in translating this attention to sales. In making it more effective, one should use large photos to achieve better outcomes.


What is Anime?

Anime frequently draws and other cultures and influence apart. Anime could be broadcast on television and is broadly circulated via any kind of media demonstrations, including the web, video as well as DVD. Anime is occasionally called Japanimation, yet this term has fallen into disuse

The word is understood to refer most to the animation in regards to the states which are outside of Japan.

But in the event that you travel to the west you’ll find the term anime isn’t consistently considered as referring to animation but it’s regarded as a subset of animation.

Anime has additionally been a commercial success in Europe, Asia and Latin America, where anime has gotten more mainstream than in America.

Anime includes a wide range of artistic styles. There’s some anime that’s drawn by hand yet there’s also some that’s computer assisted animation which has really become extremely popular through recent years.

Manga or anime will be targeted at teenage or young male adults. Anime is, usually, considered a type of limited animation. It’s just like every other entertainment medium where the real narrative lines are accustomed to representing the important genres of the real fiction in regards to anime.

There are a number of methods you can see anime due to how it’s aired on television in addition to broadcast on media that’s frequently referred to as DVD along with VHS and it’s additionally contained in the video games which adults play in addition to kids.

There’s some anime that’s even made as motion pictures which are full length. It’s known that anime really draws its sway from what are called manga along with specific other cultures and light novels too.

There have additionally been some anime storylines which have really been accommodated into what’s called live action movies along with television series.

The real history of anime is understood to possess started in the very start of the twentieth century. This kind of animation was at that time being experimented with in other countries like Germany and France together with America, as well as Russia, too.

Due to the work and that of other leaders in the area, anime developed genres and features that are essential aspects of the artwork nowadays.

Anime became popular in Japan because it provided an alternate exit for the art of storytelling. Within Japan which was now used in sharp comparison in comparison to the undeveloped business of living action.

In America as that time the business that is live action not to mention the limitations which were put in the cast and they additionally endured from budgeting difficulties along with place and had a generous budget, while the state of Japan had a little marketplace.

Anime-affected animation refers to non-Japanese works of animation. Some authorities say that Anime is associated with the Japanese comic books, called manga. Anime additionally will borrow many components from manga including borrowing panel layouts from the manga too, and text in the background.

Many anime shows got their beginning as popular manga. Anime is, usually, thought provoking and offered a great basis for raising significant problems with your kids. Some anime storylines are accommodated into live action movies and television series

Robot anime like Macross and Gundam became instant classics in the 80s, as well as the robot genre of anime is among the very heard of in Japan and world-wide now.

There are several publications available that may assist in perfecting the anime drawing style. Such publications come complete with directions and advice in the styles.

A standard strategy is the big eyes style drawn on many manga and anime characters who was inspired by the exaggerated characteristics of American cartoon characters like Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse and from Disney’s Bambi.

Although not all anime have big eyes many western audiences, associate anime with big in-depth eyes as Shoujo young girl comic strips and many Shounen or lad comic strips depict their characters with big eyes.

This is presented in the anime Karekano.

The anime could even be edited to change ethnic references that could not be comprehended by a non-Japanese man, and specific businesses may remove what might be perceived as objectionable content.

Anime additionally supplies a window into another culture. Anime seems to work quite efficiently as a cultural ambassador.

Anime consistently held throughout the United States and UK has a devoted fan following in English speaking nations, especially active online, and at customs.


Using SEO for Web Design and Web Development

There are tons of different uses of SEO. They include various ones including Web Design and Web Development. SEO is one of the most critical tools on the Web, so it’s thus critical for web designers and web developers not only to use it, but just as importantly, to use it effectively. While people who design and develop websites should certainly have an in-depth knowledge of SEO, it’s quite astonishing that often it’s not the case. However, optimizing web site searches is certainly one way that better websites can be made and improved.

Making Good Websites

One of the biggest mistakes in the world of SEO and web design in an online business is that the two are often perceived as entirely different and separate entities. It shouldn’t be like that. SEO can certainly complement web design, and vice versa. By definition, web design is related to the aesthetic aspect of a website. However, it’s about much more than that, and has a major role in determining an online company’s online presence.

The importance of having a good website is obviously important. However, in terms of designing and developing them, many people are not certain why. In an interesting study, it was discovered that the design of a web was a much bigger factor in whether people had mistrust. Usually it’s related to the elements of web design. Some of the biggest complaints that visitors have in terms of the design of webs include various issues such as pop-up ads, complicated layout, lack of color, etc.

Content Counts

However, components of websites, such as SEO are also very critical. Interestingly, while web design is a key factor in mistrust, research shows that content plays a very critical role in terms of visitors’ trust of particular site. In fact, not only was it a factor, but over 80% say that it’s critical. It’s important to note that not only is the website itself important in terms of content, but also methods that are used to drive traffic to the sites. That includes SEO, for example. It’s critical that users have faith that a website’s content is reliable. Besides that, it’s also true for the search engine optimization content as well.

Relationship between SEO and Web Design

So the key issue is the relationship between web design and SEO. It’s important or developers to have a long-term plan in terms of SEO. Although trends in design often change, it’s important to keep in mind that brands and online presence will last for much longer. There are different approaches to take. What’s important is that SEO be used to drive traffic to the website. If the SEO content is interesting and informative, and the design of the website is interesting, it will exponentially help to boost traffic to the website.

It’s also important to keep in mind that various aspects of web design will have a significant effect on web search rankings. They include issues such as the HTML structure, although there are several other things to consider.