I used to read comics when I was a kid and I found them hugely enjoyable. Simple dialogue that was easily digestible and colourful graphics. I loved many of the classic titles like Archie, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff, Denis the Menace and more. I got into the Mad comics as I got a little older and finished up on The Furry Freak Brothers as a teenager cutting my teeth on my first bong. That was where comics finished for me, however, and cartoons had bit the bullet long before. The popular appearance of The Simpsons and its many imitations combined clever adult scripting with stylised animation, which appealed to young and old within a household. This sparked a renaissance in animation being presented on our small screens. Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

Cartoons & Comics

There used to be animated shorts on before the feature films at the cinema, and these were part of the movie experience for decades, before being axed in the 1970s. Animation was only for kids on our TV screens for many years after this. Adult comics were a niche market for decades prior to the digital age. The question is whether animation is fodder for those with simple tastes, those who shy away from complexity, or whether it has sophisticated elements within the medium? Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

Car Chases Capture the Attention of Younger Movie Goers

Children do not develop sophisticated taste buds until they approach the last years of adolescents. For younger kids, foods can be yukky or yummy, with little discernment for the reasons why. Quality gourmet food creators find little appreciation from most children. Similarly, younger audiences do not, generally, have the breadth of experience and understanding to appreciate the grey areas in life, when presented on the screen. Dramas about intimate relationships and complex situations, often, do not find favour with more youthful audiences. Action, loud explosions, colour, violence, car chases and the like capture the attention of these younger movie goers. Animation: Simple or sophisticated?

A Subversive Take on Western Society

Creating things like colourful animation can resonate well with youthful audiences and adults who appreciate mindless entertainment. South Park presents a subversive take on western society via its script and contrasts this with an uber naïve style of animation.  Reputation is everything in public life; and to mock the rich and famous via this wild animation ride is greatly appreciated by teenagers and other, secretly, rebellious forms of human life. There is a sophisticated element in this kind of animation, despite its loud love of fart jokes.