Many of us have seen those old PowerPoint presentations at work or from school that include those horrible swooping effects of text which seem to come down and swoop around before landing, or perhaps the notoriously irritating bouncing text mechanism where text drops from the top of the screen to the bottom and seems to bounce like a pixelated little ball. Elements like these and many others are probably what just came to mind when you read ‘animation’ and this is what many people think of when they think of an animated presentation. However, depending on how it is done and the way in which it is designed and structured, adding animation to your website can be a way of drawing users into it to a greater degree and make something eye catching as well.

It’s important not to let previous bad experiences with animation keep you from using animation on your own website. There are a wide variety of animation techniques available through graphic design for websites. Finding the right graphic design for websites, specifically for the websites which you run and operate, is an important part of making an engaging presentation that customers and potential clients will want to see and which will help them relate better to the site.

With the right website designer, you can have animation which is subtle and does not necessarily draw attention to itself, or is done in such a way that it is tasteful and not offensive to behold. Animation should always be done as a way of helping a client engage with your website – it should never be done for the sake of simply showing an animation effect. This leads us to the biggest rule about animation for your website and that is the animation must have a purpose. Purposeless animations are irritating and divert attention away from the more serious meat of your website.

There is one other critically important rule about animation besides that it should not be annoying, should not divert attention away from important elements of your website, and that it must have a purpose – the last rule is it must be well designed. This might seem like a given but there are a wide variety of websites out there which prove that this one should not be taken for granted. The fact is many people may try to save a dollar here or there, or worse yet try and produce animation effects on their own that utterly fail to capture what they are intending and actually can come out looking dated, cheesy, or totally unbecoming of a professional level website.

If your animation looks like it was made cheaply or poorly, that will reflect negatively on you as a business. Your animation should ideally serve a marketing purpose so when an individual thinks about the animation or they see it they are instantly reminded of you and your product not of how much that animation annoys them. Don’t let the animation steal the show but rather let it be a member of the team that helps you sell your website and yourself to your clients for years to come.